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Battery operated optical smoke detector for housing uses, it includes a 85 dbA audible alarm, test push button and a check, status and malfunction LED. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (included) with a lifetime longer than 2 years. Networking between several detectors in order to improve alarm transmission is available. Easy maintenance cleaning of the detection chamber. EN14604:2005 - Nº: 1438/CPD/0145


Adjustable thermal probe for special uses, such as areas close to ovens, extractor hoods, etc. Includes a control unit with regulation between 50 and 300ºC placed in a metal box, and an external probe for the distant assessment of the temperature. Detector or push button function. Stainless steel box. 125x90x65 mm. 10/30V - 0/100 mA.


Optical flame detector for detecting ultraviolet radiation at a wavelength of 200 nm by collector electrode in a gas tube. Indoor use. Up to 25m range and 110º opening. LED status indicator and output for remote use. 9 -28 Vdc power supply, 20 mA in alarm. Base mod. G-40 not included. Diameter 115mm. Certificate EN 54-10:2002


Heat detector intrinsically safe for special applications in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere. I can be programmed as thermospeedometer or fixed temperature detector, with three different degrees available. Resilient construction in black IP-44 plastic, it includes a cable input with gland. It does not require a base. Status indicator LED and a remote pilot output. Power 17-24 V, 20 mA in alarm mode. Dimensions: 110 x 65 x 55 mm- Nº KDB 04ATEX172X certification, classified as Ex: II 2G EEx ib IIC T5/T6


Optical smoke detector intrinsically safe for applications in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. It includes a compensation circuit able to keep sensibility constant and correct environmental variations. It includes a removable chamber, for maintenance or replacement. Status display LED. Power 12-28 V, 20 mA while in alarm mode. NG-40 base not included. Diameter 115 mm. Nº KDB 04ATEX190X certification, classified as II 2G EEx ib IIC T6.


Intrinsically safe optical flame detector for detection of ultraviolet radiation similar to the PUO40 model, for application in potentially explosive areas. Indoor use. Up to 25m range and 110º opening. LED status indicator and output for remote use. Power supply 17 – 24 Vdc, 20 mA in alarm. Base model NG-40 not included. Diameter 115mm. Certificate granting classification II 2G Ex ib IIC T6 Gb.


Base for NDUR-40-EX optical smoke detector with extraction blocking available. 108 x 28,5 mm

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